Servo couplings

The couplings offered here ensure a free of play transmission of torque and are able to compensate any shaft misalignments. Available in one-piece or multi-piece versions these couplings are suitable for your individual needs – Encoder coupling – Metal bellow coupling – Servo lamella coupling – Servo coupling

Encoder couplings

A shaft encoder coupling is characterized by its backlash-free, torsionally rigid and three-part design, which was developed according to special requirements from measurement and control technology. The coupling is characterized by its axial pluggability and thus forms a coupling system that is short and easy to install. At temperatures up to +160°C, a temperature-resistant material of the spacer ensures that the properties of the coupling remain constant.

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Metal bellow couplings

Metal bellows couplings are torsionally rigid and flexible, with a stainless steel bellows and hubs made of aluminium. In addition to the compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements by the metal bellows, the coupling is also characterized by its high torsional stiffness as well as a low mass moment of inertia.

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Multi-disc couplings

The torsionally rigid and flexible steel laminae of the servo laminae coupling provide compensation for axial, angular and radial shaft misalignment. Typical applications are, for example, backlash-free worm gears with small transmission ratios.

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Backlash-free couplings

Due to the different hub designs and Shore hardnesses of the spiders of these backlash-free servo couplings, they find the suitable coupling in almost every application in automation technology. Drives have to be positioned exactly and with highly dynamic drives no compromises in accuracy should be made? Then you have found the right coupling here. The results of modular principle, you can combine different hubs designs within one cpupling size.

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