Power transmission

Brakes, hydraulic parts as well as cardan joints, as a specialist for power transmission we have a deep range of products. We will be pleased to provide consulting and help you with our know-how. You can also find detailed specifications at our downloading section


Brakes are used to slow down moving drives in a slow and safe way or to prevent machine parts to move. It works by the brake caliper/shoe pressing against the brake disc or drum.

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Non-contact seals

Seals are used to prevent the exchange of different substances between more than two areas

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A gearboxes function is to transmit torque depending on the requirement. The gearbox is connect via a drive line to a motor, which adapts torque and power to the requirement.

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Friction clutches

A friction clutch is a safety clutch and is placed between two shafts. If the pre-set torque is reached the coupling will disconnect the force transmission. By doing this you protect the plant against damages.

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