Friction clutches

The friction clutch is a high-performance safety clutch that is mounted for example, between two axially friction-locked shafts. As soon as the preset torque is reached, the clutch automatically disconnects the power flow – e.g. by separating friction linings – and this protects the gearbox and motor from possible damage and serves as overload protection by limiting the torque.


In which areas are friction clutches used?

Friction clutches are suitable for use in drive technology wherever motors or gearboxes have to be protected against overload. These can be, for example, machine drives with sprockets, gears or pulleys. Typical applications include packaging machines, construction machines, conveyor systems or other mechanical engineering equipment.

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How are friction clutches mounted?

The friction clutch is characterized by the fact that it can be mounted quickly and easily. Special tools are not required. It is plugged axially onto the shafts and the desired torques can then be set without any problems. Dismantling the friction clutch  is also simple. In order to do it, the axial retainer must first be loosened from the shaft and then the friction clutch removed.

Wide range of torques

Thanks to the numerous friction clutches and slip clutches, we can provide overload protection in a wide range of applications. The flexible adjustment of the torque allows for every requirement of the drive technology.

Where can I buy friction clutches?

As a specialist for drive technology, you can purchase a wide range of friction clutches from a+s vertriebs gmbh. We maintain cooperations with leading manufacturers such as RINGSPANN, KTR or Mayr, so that we can only offer you products with a long service life. Thanks to our direct line to the manufacturers we can grant you short delivery times and react quickly even in case of high demand.