Non-contact seals

Non-contact seals are an effective solution in power transmission for various dynamically sensitive systems. They can be used with both rotating hubs and rotating shafts.  Examples are gap seals and labyrinth seals, while gap seals function via interlocking teeth, labyrinth seals seal via a multitude of small hurdles. These create small chambers from which only a fraction of the sealed fluid ever reaches the next chamber. 

How do non-contact seals work? 

Non-contact seals such as gap seals or labyrinth seals seal without contact, with non-contact seals, the gap between the sealing element and the associated outer ring is so small that the flow resistance is significantly increased. The seal is therefore not created by a mechanical but a physical barrier.

Dichtung Antriebstechnik

What are the advantages of non-contact seals?

Due to the lack of friction in non-contact seals compared to contact seals, they are completely wear-free and require minimal maintenance. The associated very long service life ensures that these products are correspondingly economical.

Since the contact surfaces do not have to be ground or hardened, unlike the contact seals, manufacturing costs can also be saved. The non-contact seals also have a high speed limitation and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 200°C.  In summary, non-contact seals bring a strong sealing effect, high temperature resistance and a low-maintenance design.

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What are non-contact seals used for?

Non-contact seals are suitable for a variety of purposes. They are used in machine tools, drive units, packaging machines, textile machines, testing equipment, or mechanical conveying equipment, among others. Since they also have a high resistance to many types of bacteria, they are just as commonly used in the food industry.

Where can I buy non-contact seals?

You can purchase non-contact seals quickly and reliably from a+s vertriebs gmbh. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with the well-known manufacturer GMN, you will receive the desired sealing systems of various designs within a very short time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent service team directly.