Elastic couplings

Elastic couplings can be used in various industries. Connecting shafts, torque transmitting, misalignment compensating, including a damping element in different shore hardness for an additional swinging compensation. Elastic couplings are available in different versions, such as the torsionally flexible jaw coupling, the flexible pin type coupling, cam coupling or as a fail-safe shaft coupling.

Torsionally flexible couplings

The Torsionally Flexible Coupling is characterised by a compact design, light weight and low torsional vibration compared to its high torque moments. Favoured to absorving mechanical shocks, a better concentricity and balance at increase machine speeds. These longlife products are easy to install and easy to maintain.

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Torsionally flexible shaft couplings

Torsionally flexible shaft couplings, applicable for general mechanical engineering, can be plugged in axially and are also characterized by excellent vibration compensation. A special feature are the flexible elements (flexible elements) between the coupling halves. Power transmission is interrupted in the event of wear or excessive load on the elements.

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Torsionally flexible and fail-safe shaft coupling

The shaft couplings shown here are torsionally flexible and fail-safe. In addition to their axial plug-in capability, the couplings are also characterized by their short design. The couplings can be used in practically all areas of mechanical engineering and the pump industry.

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Elastic pin couplings

The pin coupling is a fail-safe, torsionally flexible coupling. The axial plug-in design ensures easy assembly/disassembly. The flexible rubber elements are fixed between two flanges and thus the torque can be transmitted.

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Advantages of elastic couplings

The great advantage of elastic couplings is the torque transmission from shaft to hub with associated vibration damping. The vibration damping ensures a drive without damage due to the transmitted vibrations. This ensures long-term maintenance and low-maintenance operation of equipment.

The diverse designs of our elastic couplings ensure a wide range of applications. Independent of 10Nm or 10.000Nm. Due to different designs, many requirement ranges can be covered without any problems.