Flange couplings

For mobile machines, combustion engines are often used for propulsion. Hydraulic pumps are directly coupled to hydrostatic drives and in mobile compressors the compressor units are directly driven. Torsionally stiff, flexible or highly flexible flange couplings are used to connect both units. The main task is to transmit sufficient and reliable power so that the tasks of the working machines can be carried out without problems.

Torsionally stiff flange couplings

Torsionally stiff flange couplings can be used in hydrostatic drives, such as construction and harvesting machines. They are characterized by a high torsional spring stiffness as well as resonance-free operation. Due to the combination of plastic/steel materials, these couplings are virtually maintenance-free. Torques from 240 to 5.300Nm can be transmitted.

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One-piece elastic flange couplings

One-piece, flexible flange couplings are suitable for drive in diesel engines or hydraulic pumps up to 300kW. In addition to different shore hardnesses, the couplings are also available in 3-hole design or SAE connection. Furthermore, these couplings are axially pluggable in connection with the pump gear shaft.

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Highly flexible flange couplings

Highly flexible flange couplings such as BoWex Elastic® can be used in combustion engines with power ratings up to 5000kW. Due to their axial plug-in capability they are easy to install. The couplings are available in different shore hardnesses.

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